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Date Night Style

Our family is busy.

I know what you are thinking. We’re all busy. And that is totally true.

But we are really busy. Like, can’t-book-a-playdate-until-mid-July busy.

Needless to say, that makes it tough to schedule time for J. and I to be out on our own. We love doing things as a family, especially since we both work full-time and leave A. at an amazing daycare for 8+ hours most days. For a while, family activities were the closest we got to dates.

With that in mind, I planned a super awesome gift for J. this Christmas: one pre-planned-and-babysitter-booked date night each month for the year.

This weekend marks the six consecutive month of our official date nights. It’s been fun: we’ve had dinner at our favorite spots, cheered on a local college basketball team, knocked back a couple of fancy cocktails and more. This Saturday, we’ll be heading out for a cheap dinner and then using a Groupon to a movie and drinks at a full-service, newly renovated vintage theater in a neighborhood just north of ours.

I always like trying to pull together a nice look for our dates. I had some comp time at work and spent a while at the thrift store this afternoon really hunting the racks.

Today I found enough great pieces to pull together a casual summery outfit:

Collage of details from my date night outfit

Here’s the breakdown of my date night look.( You’ll see why I’m addicted!)

Dress: $3.90
Scarf: $2.90
Sandals: $2.90
Total Cost: $9.70 (plus tax)!

I love these finds for a few reasons. The scarf has an ikat inspired print that is super popular right now, in a great color scheme. The dress matches the reddish-brown tones perfectly. It is a comfy and cool stretch jersey, but with some nice details that give it a bit of character. The shimmery sandals give it some pop and will work with some many looks this summer. I already have a skinny belt that will match them perfectly that I might add at the waist for more interest.

As if one great outfit for under $10 isn’t enough, I also picked up a few gently used dresses and a few other items to finish out A.’s summer wardrobe. I just recently started hitting up some local thrift store on the advice of a friend, and am totally hooked. I’ve found amazing stuff for A. and I, always for just a few dollar. Sure, there is stuff in bad shape, with stains or tears or stretched out beyond belief, but most stuff is decent. You can find the best things when you have some time.

What do you think? Any thrift store tips for a beginner?

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