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Back in Town

We just got back from a great vacation visiting family in Maryland. It was warm and sunny, casual and fun.

We spent a lot of time at the playground…

Visited the National Aquarium…


And spent a lot of time outside near the water…


And other pretty things.


I really enjoyed capturing our trip, and have lots of other great images to show for it. It was a gentle reminder that it might be time to reconnect with my creative side here at Tiny Leaf.

So, welcome back.

I’ll be entering one of this week’s photos for Project 52, since I long since fell off that bandwagon. Look for more soon and check out the post I tossed up this morning after an evening of “window” shopping.


Linked up here:

P52 with Kent Weakley


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  1. Love the jelly fish. Who knew they could be so beautiful.

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