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Sewing Machine Rebellion

This was supposed to be a post that featured my first tutorial, a quick walk-through of a simple Jingle Bell Music Bracelet I designed for A. to play along with the tuns from her Saturday music classes. However, this is one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong did. We got locked out of the house over the weekend, I lost my CTA pass and tonight, about 95% of the way finished with my tutorial photos of this super simple project, my sewing machine is impossibly jammed. I tried to fix it, yet it refuses.

So, I poured a glass of wine, curled up on the couch and left it for tomorrow, all in line with my recent self-reminder to focus on what matters most. I’ve been working hard on several project deadlines at work and just shipped the first order – a custom one, too – from Tiny Leaf’s Etsy shop.

I think this is the universe telling me to slow down. I suppose I’ll listen, at least this once!

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