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A new leaf…

…It’s been only a short while and I’m already preparing to turn a new leaf here at Tiny Leaf. With the launch of my shop finally crossed off my to-do list (though I have WAYS to go, still, and much more work to do), I’ve taken some time to reflect on the ‘ol blog.

I started Tiny Leaf as a way to document my journey to my goal: what I’ve learned and what works for me as I endeavor to run my own business and do my own thing. My name comes from my approach: turning my own new leaf, one tiny step at a time.

I’m on this journey with an amazing husband and the most incredible two-year-old girl. They are the best travel partners one could ask for – supportive, funny and full of energy. They remind me every day to focus on what matters.

And I realized today that is what is missing here at Tiny Leaf. My shop is focused on modern, simple products for busy families on the go. Tiny Leaf the blog will be focused on busy families, too. Right now it’s a little lost (not unlike my keys) and all over the place (not unlike myself!).

Here’s where I’m heading:

1. Invest more at home: You know that old saying ‘Pay yourself first?” By focusing on my family and finding ways to do more at home, we’ll all win. I’ll share tips and time savers from myself and other busy moms, ideas for simple kids activities and reflections on how to stay focused on what matters most to you.

2. Find better balance: I sometimes struggle to find the right balance between my work, my family time and my own needs. I’m committed to trying new ways to balance it all and sharing what works (and what doesn’t).

3. Have fun: Time flies when kids are small. If you don’t slow down and relish that, you’ll miss it. A. is so much fun right now and I’m joining her, both feet first. I’ll share the things we all love!

I hope you’ll stick around and see what’s in store. I promise it will be great! Have ideas for what you want to see and hear?

P.S. – The awesome new Tiny Leaf design see here and at my Etsy shop are courtesy of Lola Shoppe (All the way in Australia. Isn’t the internet cool?), who did an amazing job for me!

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