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The Library List: Week of January 2

We grabbed a few books late last week in anticipation of limited holiday hours this weekend.

bag full of library books

This week’s haul:

A. loved Brown Bear. I knew that had read it at daycare, but it is obviously a classroom favorite; she knew it by sight and was super excited to read along. It is also great for her age, learning colors and basic animals. Despite her dad’s longing, she’s not quite ready to sit still long enough for Dr. Seuss. Many of the other books this week just weren’t engaging enough or were too long, too.

Unfortunately, this copy of Brown Bear has seen better days. A. really wanted to take it with her for naptime this weekend. I reluctantly agreed, in order to avoid a pre-nap meltdown. We’ve done this many other times with no problem, though never with a library book. She reads the book, falls asleep and we later hear the clunk of the cover hitting the floor.

This was not those times. When I got A. up, she had ripped every.single.page. from the binding. I am dreading the walk of shame to the library counter to confess.

We also picked up a couple of kiddie DVDs for movie night on Friday. We allow A. to have a few minutes of TV time once a week, so we also picked up two kid’s show DVD’s to choose from for movie night on Friday. After all, Portlandia isn’t exactly her speed. We got:

We all enjoyed the beginning of Elmo and the Bookaneers, which featured Tiny Fey. It really was quite cute. We haven’t had a chance to check out The Snowy Day, but I’m going to renew it for this week. I’m hoping the story is quick enough for A.’s short attention span, since I’d love to see how they translated Ezra Jack Keats’ amazing stories into cartoons.

What is your family reading this week?

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